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How can a SIP return calculator help you?

SIPs are a more lucrative mode of investing funds compared to a lump sum amount according to several mutual fund experts. It helps you become financially disciplined and create a habit of savings that can benefit you in the future.
A SIP calculator online is a beneficial tool, which shows the estimated returns you will earn after the investment tenure. Few of the benefits of SIP calculators include -
1. Assists you to determine the amount you want to invest in.
2. Tells you the total amount you have invested.
3. Gives an estimated value of the returns.

SIP Investment

SIP is one of the best forms of disciplined investment, which should be done consistently over a period of time. An investor may diversify their portfolio by starting a SIP in two or more funds. Investments in certain funds are eligible for deduction from taxable income under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Monthly SIPs offer better investment planning opportunities, as you can monitor the investment in a better way. However, you could struggle to monitor investments if you put money in mutual funds through the daily SIP. Daily SIPs make it very tedious to track investments and returns.

LUMPSUM Investment

You're more likely to end up with higher returns. Lump sum investment involves the investment of the entire money available to an investor. For instance, if someone desires to invest the whole amount present with him in mutual funds or similar investment instruments, then it will be termed a lump sum investment.

Lump-sum investing outperforms dollar cost averaging almost 75% of the time, according to data from Northwestern Mutual, regardless of asset allocation. If you're comfortable with risk, then investing your money in one large sum could yield better results.

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